Art + Soul 2024 at PAMM

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On this February 10, 2024, prepare yourself for an enchanting evening at Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) with the much-anticipated Art + Soul event, starting at 6:15 PM. This annual celebration is not just an event; it’s a tribute to the vibrant and diverse world of Black art, supported by the PAMM Fund for Black Art.

Celebrate Artistic Excellence at “Art + Soul”: A Fusion of Art, Music, and Social Elegance

“Art + Soul” is your opportunity to partake in an evening that blends artistic appreciation with social networking, set against a backdrop of captivating music and dancing under the stars. The event is a testament to the excellence and influence of Black artists in the field of visual arts. Your presence will not only support the PAMM Fund for Black Art but also allow you to be part of the exciting unveiling of the latest art acquisitions.


This year, Mashonda Tifrere will be the honoree. Recognized as both a curator and an activist, Tifrere’s contributions to the art world and her commitment to social change have been nothing short of inspiring. Her work continues to leave a lasting impression on both the community and the art industry.

The event is brought to life by our esteemed Co-Chairs – Tracey Robertson Carter and Christopher Carter, Patricia Howell, and Eric Johnson with Holly Gaines. Joining them as the Honorary Co-Chair is Deryl McKissack, further elevating the evening’s significance.

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February 10, 2024
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