Melton Mustafa Jazz Festival

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Immerse yourself in the magic of jazz in the heart of Overtown! The prestigious Melton Mustafa Jazz Festival is back for its 27th edition, promising to delight music lovers from February 22 to 25, 2024. This event takes place at the historic Black Archives Historic Lyric Theater Cultural Arts Complex, an emblematic landmark celebrating its 110th anniversary.

Enjoy the Charm of Jazz at the 2024 Melton Mustafa Jazz Festival 

The Melton Mustafa Jazz Festival, a tradition rooted in the celebration of Black History Month, is more than a musical event; it is a vibrant cultural experience. Over four days, the festival features an exceptional selection of jazz musicians, ranging from renowned international artists to local bands, high school and university bands. In addition to enjoying live performances, visitors have the opportunity to interact with established authors, artists, and various exhibitors.

Melton Mustafa Jazz Festival

This year, the festival coincides with a historical milestone – the 110th anniversary of the Lyric Theater. This theater, a symbol of resilience and cultural expression in the Overtown community, offers the perfect setting for the celebration of jazz. The 2024 lineup promises to be spectacular, with the much-anticipated list of artists to be revealed.

For jazz aficionados and culture enthusiasts, the Melton Mustafa Jazz Festival is a not-to-be-missed opportunity. In addition to musical performances, the event offers a space for reflection on the rich history of jazz and its influence on African-American culture.

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Dates: February 22 to 25, 2024.
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