The Best Places To Walk in Miami Beach

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On average, we take 5,000 to 7,000 steps per day. Not only is getting out and about good for our physical health, but it also does wonders for our mental health too. You’d be surprised at what a change in scenery and some fresh air would do for you!

If you’re looking for things to do in Miami Beach, then why not take a walk around? Not only can you get some exercise in, but you can also explore the lifestyle that many residents experience.

Here are the best places to walk in Miami Beach.

Española Way

Española Way is located between 14th and 15th Street and it’ll take you from Washington Avenue to Drexel Avenue.

As you walk, you’ll enjoy the Spanish-inspired village that’s designed in the Mediterranean Revival style. What’s great about this stretch of road is it’s pedestrian-only, so you won’t have to worry about cars.

There are many shops and restaurants to stop at should you need a break.

Lincoln Road Mall

Lincoln Road Mall spans 10 blocks, so you’ll get plenty of steps in. This shopping district was designed by art deco architect Morris Lapidus, so it’ll feel like a blast from the past. There are also many sculptures and native plants to feast your eyes on.

This mall has all the hippest shops, so you can always stop to pick something up for yourself. Not to mention, there are lots of fantastic restaurants to grab a bite at.

Lincoln Road also has a weekly farmer’s market on Sundays, so you’ll get a taste of local produce and products.

Miami Beach Boardwalk

The Miami Beach Boardwalk is one of the best places to walk in all of Miami. It starts at 87th Terrace in Surfside. It continues south, offering breathtaking ocean views, until it reaches 23rd Street. The paved portion of the boardwalk then continues along the Ocean Drive Promenade to 5th Street. South of 5th Street is South Pointe Park – a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of Miami Harbor.

If you walk the entire boardwalk, then you’ll get 7 miles of walking in. When you see the views, those 7 miles will go by quickly!

Lummus Park and Ocean Drive

Lummus Park is a small urban oasis, and it goes across Ocean Drive, which is one of the most famous streets in the world. This makes it a must-go for Miami Beach places to walk. It stretches across 5th Street to 14th Place.

If you want to stop for a workout, there are 2 outdoor gym areas in Lummus Park. Otherwise, enjoy the weekend artisan markets and marquee annual events.

Meridian Avenue

To see the most luxurious properties in the city, stroll down Meridian Avenue. It’ll take you past huge boutique condos where you can see how the rich and famous live.

South of Meridian Avenue, between 11th and 12th Streets, you can walk through the beautiful Flamingo Park in South Beach. This 36-acre park features an 8-lane swimming pool, a playground, a baseball stadium and a soccer field.

You’ll also get a fantastic view of the Miami Beach Golf Club as you walk along the avenue.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

For an unforgettable walk, head to the impressive Miami Beach Botanical Garden, where you can stroll around for about an hour and enjoy the scenery.

The scent of the tropical garden and walking trails at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is an experience you won’t want to miss. Come and explore the wonders of nature and let the intoxicating scents transport you to a world of beauty and peace.

Stroll through the Japanese garden, across an idyllic red bridge and then enjoy the colorful fruits in the edible garden. After visiting the beautiful gardens, you can continue to the moving Holocaust Memorial and its surroundings.

Miami Beach Marina

If you stand on Fifth Street at Alton Road and look south, you’ll see a beautiful boardwalk overlooking the stunning collection of yachts and sailboats at the South Beach Marina. It’s truly a breathtaking sight!

If you follow the boardwalk south, you’ll come around the end of the island. After you pass the marina, you can often see the cruise ships docking in Miami Harbor in the distance.

The walk along the marina offers incredible views that you shouldn’t miss!

Check Out These Places to Walk in Miami Beach

The next time you go to Miami Beach, you’ll have various places to walk. It’ll be a good opportunity to take a break from your fast-paced life, and relax and recharge. Plus, it’ll give you a better view of the area, without whizzing by in a car.

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