Copa America Final at Mangos Miami Beach

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Celebrate the Copa America Final at Mango’s South Beach Bar on July 14, 2024

Join us on Sunday, July 14 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. for an exhilarating Copa America Final watch party at Mango’s South Beach Bar. This energetic venue is the ideal setting for adults aged 21 and over to immerse themselves in the game’s vibrant atmosphere, with over 20 TVs ensuring you catch every goal, tackle, and save.

Cheer for your favorite team alongside fellow fans dressed in team colors, while enjoying the match on a large screen. VIP reservations are available for groups seeking an enhanced experience, or opt for general admission, which includes beer buckets priced at $25 and margaritas starting from $12, in addition to a variety of food and drinks available for purchase.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to witness the Copa America Final at Mango’s South Beach Bar. Secure your spot now for an evening brimming with sports excitement, community camaraderie, and lively ambiance.