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beach essentials

Our favorite thing to do in Miami Beach is to go to the beach, obviously. When you’re gathering up a bag of things to bring, don’t forget your beach essentials! We recommend bringing a towel, sunblock and a book to read while you’re soaking up some sun rays. However, if you don’t have room for all of this, Bentley South Beach has you covered! Post up at the Boucher Beach Club, on 4th and Ocean Drive, where towels are readily available. Don’t have sunblock? Miami Beach is practicing safe sun and has stations all along the beach where you can lather up for that extra protection, even if you’re sitting under an umbrella. Finally, while people watching is very fun, take some you time and dive into a book you’ve been meaning to read. And for something extra, be sure to ask your beach attendant for a beach cocktail to complete your day of rest and relaxation at the beach!

28 Mar
beach essentials

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