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Travel Tip Tuesday

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Going on vacation but want to stay on budget or maintain your healthy eating regimen? Here are a few tips we have to stay on track!

1.) Plan your meals ahead of time. If you know your itinerary, it is easy to plan what restaurants you may want to attend. That way, you can research online what dishes to order! Some of our favorite healthy restaurants include Pura Vida and Jugofresh for breakfast, Go-Go Fresh Food and Café del Mar for lunch, and Cleo for dinner!

2.) Bring your own snacks. Whether you’re road tripping or taking a flight, pack some healthy snacks to stop you from spending money on something unhealthy.

3.) Stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water can help keep you from over eating.

4.) Find a balance. While you want to maintain a healthy diet, or spend less on your meals, it is okay to splurge for some. You are on vacation after all!

14 Apr

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