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National Beer Day

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Let’s face it, the real American dream is sitting on the beach with an ice cold beer. In honor of National Beer Day, here are 10 facts about beer that will make you tipsy.

1)      Light makes beer go bad.

2)      George Washington had his own brew house.

3)      Egyptian pyramid builders were paid in beer.

4)      At any given moment, 0.7% of the world is drunk. So right now, 50 million people are drunk.

5)      Cenosillicaphobia: fear of an empty beer glass.

6)      The longest hangover ever from beer was 4 weeks.

7)      Amsterdam pays alcoholics in beer for their work.

8)      Until the 1970’s, beer was served in schools in Belgium.

9)      There’s a beer brewed in Africa that is made from bananas.

10)   In Egypt, in the land of the pharaohs, beer was used as currency.

07 Apr
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