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Mile High Munchies

As frequent travelers and lovers of food, we understand the desire to have been offered an amazing menu aboard a flight. We did a little bit of research and picked our favorite features on four major airlines.

American Airlines
The perfect portion of lunch is served on this airline. For a total of $14 one can get Wild Garden Hummus & Pita Chips and Chicken Cobb Salad. For sure to keep you full hours after you land.
Airplane Food American Airlines

Southwest Airlines
Did you know they have “Cheers. ON THE HOUSE.”?! When you’re onboard during upcoming holidays, enjoy a beer, wine, or liquor of your choice on the house—if you’re of age, of course. SOLD [for free]!

Killer menu design; so if you are not hungry, looking at it will definitely make you hungry. With features like Stacy’s Pita Chips and a roasted chicken breast & cheddar sandwich (Boar’s Head Brand, by the way) we cannot help but want to order it all.

Virgin Atlantic
It is safe to say Virgin Atlantic is one of the most innovative airlines to date.

“The new Virgin Atlantic Economy meal services have been created to provide a unique experience that’s always in tune with our customers’ body clocks, no matter where or when they’re flying with us.”

Truth be told, who doesn’t love a three course meal that includes pre-dinner drinks? We might have to buy a ticket just to enjoy this sky high meal experience.

13 Jan
Travel Tip Tuesday
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