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“Seed Food and Wine is not just a festival, we are a movement, a community of ideas and passionate people committed to elevating the conversation around plant-based foods, sustainability, conscious living and the welfare of animals.”

For those of you healthy gurus staying with us this weekend, we’ve got the perfect festival for you to attend, Seed Food and Wine Festival sponsored by Whole Foods! With over 130 exhibits, 40 celebrity plant based chefs, 30 vegan experts, athletes, authors and celebrities, the festival offers a number of options for the meatless-lovers.

With such a lengthy lineup of events and celebrity attendees, it can be tough to know what to do, who to see, where to go. So, to help you figure out how to spend your time wisely, here are 10 things to add to your must-do list while at Seed:

1. Take a selfie with John Salley. The NBA great and spokesman for Vegan Vine wine is the selfie king. He’ll be attending Seed Summit, hosting the Best of the East dinner, and speaking at festival day, so find him for some Instagram action.

2. Try Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free creations. Some of the nation’s biggest brands will be doling out samples at festival day, including Ben & Jerry’s. The Vermont ice cream makers have four new non-dairy flavors, and they’re totally delish.

3. Sample all 14 entries at the Plant Based Burger Battle. Think you’re a hard-core foodie? See if you can make it through the entire roster of vegan burgers at Seed’s second annual battle. Bonus points if you try each beer pairing, too. 

4. Hit the “How to Find a Vegan Boyfriend” panel at Seed Summit. Girl or boy, single or taken, this panel is sure to be super informative. Led by chef and author Jason Wrobel, athlete and businessman Dominick Thompson, and Instagram all-star Vegan Fat Kid, they’ll be discussing how to find a compassionate companion — and how to convert your omnivore love interest.

5. Run with Rich Roll at the Seed 5K. Ever run with an all-star athlete before? Rich Roll is a triathlete, podcast superstar, and cookbook author, and the 5K is your chance to follow in his footsteps — literally. Run with him, Sexy Fit Vegan Ella Magers, Badass Vegan John Lewis, and lots of other athletes.

6. Hear from Beyonce’s trainer. Exercise physiologist Marco Borges — founder of 22 Days Nutrition, the program Beyonce praised on national TV — is on the speaker stage lineup for festival day. Looking at Beyonce’s bod, it’s clear he’s worth listening to.

 7. Hit the beer garden on festival day. Seed isn’t just a food and wine fest. It’s a food, wine, beer, and spirits fest, so there’s a libation for every taste. Festival Day will feature a fabulous beer garden where attendees can sample brews.


seed food festival8. Meditate with Jennifer Grace. Sunday’s yoga sesh will be followed by a meditation with the iconic life coach and Hay House authors. After you’re all zen’d out, you can dig into brunch and bellinis.


9. Eat from the opposite coast. If you’re from the east coast, snag some tickets to the Best of the West dinner and see what Cali and Oregon have to offer. If you’re from the west coast, opt for the Best of the East experience and dig into edibles from the hottest chefs in Boston, Asheville, and Miami. 


10. Try something totally new. With hundreds of vendors at festival day, a brunch, three dinners, and a burger battle, Seed is your chance to expand your plant-based palate. Be an adventurous eater. Try everything! We promise you’ll be amazed at how delicious a veg-strong lifestyle really is. 

Article By: Seed Food and Wine
04 Nov
seed food festival

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