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17 Cruise Essentials

Heading out on that Caribbean cruise this holiday season? Our hotel has the perfect package to book for those heading out to sea, or coming back! With that, there’s nothing worse than realizing you left something important at home once you’ve boarded the ship and are leaving the port. As experienced cruisers, we’ve got the inside scoop on what you’d never think¬†to pack!cruise ship

Room Fan: Sometimes, your room can get a little toasty so it’s important to have some air circulation in the room. Additionally, it’s the perfect accessory to drown out any outside noises.

Outlet Adapter: Bringing a cell phone, laptop, fan, nightlight and blow dryer means a lot of electricity will be needed! And with so many electronics to charge, you’ll definitely want the extra¬†outlet space!

Waterproof Phone Case: We know you’re planning on going to the beach, so keep your phone, credit cards, room keys and cash dry with a plastic waterproof case!

Ziploc Bags: These bags are the handiest thing you could remember to bring on a cruise. From keeping track of items to making sure a sunscreen bottle or water doesn’t leak into your luggage, they have infinite use.

Alarm Clock: Most cabins won’t have alarm clocks and while you may want to relax, you won’t want to miss those on-board activities for which you signed up!

Sticky Notes: Let your family know where you are going [ and where to meet you ] by sticky noting the door before you leave your cabin!

Towel Clips: One of the funniest things to see is people struggling to lay their towel down on a beach chair as there is a constant breeze on deck. A few tiny towel clips can go a long way with this one.

cruise ship

Nightlight: The cabin gets dark, especially in an interior room, and you won’t want to wake others in the middle of the night while trying to navigate to the bathroom. Pack a nightlight to fix this issue!

Binoculars: There’s so much to see out at sea and we love having binoculars to check out all that’s going on!


20 Oct
cruise ship

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